I was introduced to the “talk” when I was 10 years old. My mother took me to my favorite restaurant and sat me down to talk about my menstrual cycle. At that time she did not provide any reading materials or samples of any products, but she did paint a very clear picture of what was to come. I had my first cycle at the age of 13 (at Dodger Stadium) during the 7th inning stretch and quickly alerted my mom. I was not afraid nor did I panic, because I was prepared for this moment; however, I was faced with changes to my body that caused cramps, headaches, bloating and so much more that I could not explain or understand.

Even though I was introduced to the “talk” at a young age, I was still unaware of the effect it would have on me in school. Ridicule, embarrassment, harassment, bullying, and depression played a large role in my high school years because I was not informed of the do’s and don'ts of menstrual etiquette. I designed our Pretty Packages for every young girl, parent, guardian, non-profit, healthcare provider or education system to be in a position to share the benefits and inspiration of Perfectly Packaged You.


Our mission is to create a space where we are bridging the gap between youths and adults.

Perfectly Packaged You is based in Long Beach, CA; however, we book events nationwide

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