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Our mission is to educate youth girls and boys about hygiene and how it can impact your day to day, education and self-esteem. We help schools create ways to improve hygiene in the school and decrease the number of absences due to hygiene-related reasons.

Poor Hygiene in Schools: How It's Affecting Education, and How It's Addressed in our Community.

Nearly 1 in 5 American Girls Have Missed School Due to Lack of Period Protection / Preparation


Nickeya Hannah is the founder and creator of Perfectly Packaged You. Perfectly Packaged You is a for-profit business that caters to schools, nonprofits, and government agencies. At age 9, Nickeya received "the talk" by her mom about hygiene etiquette (menstrual) and at age 13 she started at Dodger Stadium; however, this was a welcomed experienced because she was prepared. Nickeya was taught to carry a hygiene bag (in her purse) that included items she could use when needed (wipes, disposable bag, etc...). As an adult, Nickeya noticed that not everyone had the same experience (the talk) so it became her mission to empower adult women to talk to youth girls (mom, guardian, teachers, mentors, etc...) so they can be prepared to take on challenges that would arise. Hygiene can play a large part in being bullied, by impacting their grades, communication or other.


1 in 5 girls report bullying to their parents, teachers or community leaders that consist of either physical, emotional or social.

  • Physical: Hitting, kicking, punching, spitting, or tripping)

  • Emotional: Teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, verbal or written threats.

  • Social: Making embarrassing comments (hygiene, living conditions, etc..)


Our mission is to teach and promote social etiquette