Available Workshops

90 Minute Sessions

Mileage includes up to 40 miles. There will be an additional $5.00 per mile thereafter

Note: We offer workshops nationwide (travel expenses not included)

Girls or Boys

  • Classroom Etiquette

  • How to Prepare for the day

  • The Girl Code / The Bro Code


Materials & Travel Cost Included

$35 Per Youth

Female and / or Male Instructor 


Girls Only

  • DYI (lip balm)

  • Self-Love Worksheet

  • SPEAK UP! (bullying)


Materials & Travel Cost Included

$30 Per Youth

Female Instructor


Boys Only

  • How to Tie a Tie

  • Hygiene Ettiquerte

  • Communication

Materials & Travel Cost Included

$30 Per Youth

Male Instructor


Minimum of 8 participants

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50% deposit required at the time of booking and the remaining 50%  due on the day of event (upon arrival).


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